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PostSubject: Application   Wed Sep 17, 2008 8:30 pm

In-game Name: Anne

What would you prefer to be called in game and on vent?(we typically address people by their mains, not because we RP, but because we're all suspicous of gov't conspiracy and the fact that Big Brother bugs even Vent to get his information. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE!!!) Anne

Class: Archmage

Level: 13

Real life Birthdate (Age limit? Hmmm, maybe you just have to figure out how old!): 02-10-1985

Previous Guild(s) and reason(s) for leaving? None

Please list and detail previous MMO experience. None

How did you hear about Nexus of War? Friend (Thumm) was looking for guilds for me and him
If recruited, by whom?

Why do you want to be a part of NoW? Seems like a guild that wants to make progress, but not in an un-fun way.

What interests you most about the game? Getting in on an MMO on the ground floor and staying towards the top 25% of players.

Was George Lucas higher than a kite when he created Jar-Jar Binks as a character? Defend your answer! The entire Phantom Menace was terrible, and as bad as Jar-Jar was, I would've rather they used CGI for Anakin than left that 7 year old robot in there.

And finally, what makes you stand out from other candidates to make us want to go, "Oh! I like him/her let's accept their app" I have 0 chance of taking this too seriously, but I'm naturally competetive about anything I'm a part of so I try not to suck at stuff.
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Post Whore
Post Whore

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PostSubject: Re: Application   Thu Sep 18, 2008 5:24 pm

Well, Anne, I'll be ever so slightly brutal; this app was less than stellar. LOL I'll need to talk with you in game, along with Thumm before I move forward on this.

Also, as per the instructions in the sickening amount of information I posted here and there, please register with your ingame name. Thanks!
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