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PostSubject: Application   Wed Sep 17, 2008 6:15 pm

In-game Name: Thumm

Class: Def. Ironbreaker

Level: currently 13

Real life Birthdate (Age limit? Hmmm, maybe you just have to figure out how old!): 5/26/84, which in turn makes me 24. Third grade math to the rescue.

Previous Guild(s) and reason(s) for leaving? None in this game. I was in a high end guild in WoW (Distinct Advantage) for about a year before I quit the game. I did get kicked from that guild though right before I quit because I invented a game that was only funny to me and two other people. It was How Long Does It Take To Pull a Mob Off a Tank Within MC. This was about the 100th time I went through MC and was bored as hell. Guess no one else liked the game.

Please list and detail previous MMO experience. mostly got on the MMO scene like everyone else...through WoW. Outside of that I havent played to many other MMOs.

How did you hear about Nexus of War? On the server forums. Yall (Yes I'm from Texas ) looked pretty interesting plus the guild sounded like the ideal place for me because of where I am in my personal life and how i want to play the game.

Why do you want to be a part of NoW? The personality factor for the guild sounds great. Im in the same situation as many of the members that the post speak of. I am currently working a 40 hour job and Im doing my master degree. So im pretty busy but still want to be able to have fun in the game and not be restricted to how i live my personal and professional life. Also I liked the idea that yall are willing to joke around and have fun while you play.

What interests you most about the game? RvR for the most part and the PQs...oh and kicking the living s**t out of those dark elves.

Was George Lucas higher than a kite when he created Jar-Jar Binks as a character? Defend your answer! Yes, though I was high as a kite when I saw it so i saw what he was going for.

And finally, what makes you stand out from other candidates to make us want to go, "Oh! I like him/her let's accept their app"
Friendly, awesome, helps out when asked, willing to go to back if needed, likes to have fun, good assortment of gay jokes (oddly enough). Just an all around good guy.
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Post Whore
Post Whore

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PostSubject: Re: Application   Wed Sep 17, 2008 7:41 pm

Thumm wrote:
It was How Long Does It Take To Pull a Mob Off a Tank Within MC. This was about the 100th time I went through MC and was bored as hell. Guess no one else liked the game.

LOL I played that too as a doomkin...Although it wasn't intentional with me! LOL

I think we actually saw you in a few scenarios last night, but I'm not 100%. I'll talk it over with some officers and the guild and look you up in game!

Thanks for the app, Thumm!
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