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PostSubject: Read First!   Wed Aug 13, 2008 12:56 pm

Current needs:

  • Ironbreaker: Low
  • Runepriest: High
  • Engineer:

  • Warrior Priest: Low
  • Bright Wizard: Medium
  • Witch Hunter: Low

  • Swordmaster: Medium
  • Archmage: High
  • Shadow Warrior: Medium
  • White Lion: High

What we're looking for apart from classes:

We want dedicated players, but to the degree that life allows. The Guild Leader has four children, some officers run their own companies, are in management, or just plain are unwilling to let yet another MMO dictate their lives. So we understand you may only be able to play three nights a week, for two to three hours. That's fine! Believe me we understand "wife aggro!" So the requirements for "dedication" aren't so much "how much you play" as "how hard you work." We want you to read the forums once daily. There's a lot of communication that will go on here, that will not always go on in game. We expect that if you sign up for an event, that you please show up! Although, we do of course understand life gets in the way Wink But we will afford you the same respect.

Nexus Warriors are expected to hold themselves to a standard of excellence and honor on our server. Yes, we may be fighting the Destruction, but at heart, we're carebears in that we will not tolerate any rude behavior towards enemies. Kill them...but kill them nicely. LOL This means no /spit /rude or whatever macro gestures may be included in this game. The social aspects of this game demand we treat even our enemies with respect. This, of course is also extended to our common allies on the Order side. Yes, you can make fun of noobs in general chat, just...y'know, within reason! lol! In the past we have found a great number of recruits wanted to come and join our guilds because of the reputation of skilled and respectful players which exemplified our guilds. We hope to see this trend continue.

Also, following this thread, if you plan to apply, please register for the site with your in game name. This alerts me to your presense (even with my dimished force powers, I need an email sometimes Wink) and thus, to your application!

After applying it will be reviewed by the guild as a whole, and discussed if need be, by the officers. One of us will contact you in game, maybe to clarify any questions to make sure you will fit well with us. After the membership has had a chance (usually 24 hours, or less) to look it over, you will then be accepted or politely denied.

So, let's say you're accepted, what can you expect? For two weeks you are on probationary status as a "Nexus Recruit." This means you have access to guild chat, and the ability to surround yourself with our perfection. LOL Wrapping yourself in Kaibhan's legs will go far towards ultimately securing a position in the guild...but that's just nasty. At the end of the two weeks, while we've had a chance to get to know you, and you to know us, you'll have a talk with the recruiting officer and/or the GM to make sure you want to stick around us. From then...you'll be promoted to "real member" status. But the first time your nose starts to grow because you told a lie you'll be demoted back down to "Wooden boy...." wait...sorry, got that confused with my daughter's bedtime story last night. Smile

Best of luck to you!
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Read First!
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