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 Guild members expectations

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PostSubject: Guild members expectations   Sun Aug 17, 2008 2:59 pm


Short and sweet, promise!

-Treat all guildmates, server community and enemies with respect.

-With few exceptions, humor is diff'rent stroke for diff'rent folks. That said, most joking around is encouraged and enjoyed. However, jokes meant to denigrate a race, religion (even if it's not the guild leaders religion) or orientation aren't tolerated. This isn't meant to put a burden on your joke telling abilities, but is the very core of what NoW stands for, respect.

-We're adults, cursing won't be yelled about, within reason, and with two exceptions. Coll would prefer a limit on G-- D---'s and some minor restraint with the F-Bombs. (no one will get /gkicked as long as you aren't 2 Live Crewing up the vent/ gchat. LOL)

-When seeking help, ask once in guild chat. If no one replies one private tell to each person is acceptable. Constanting spamming of tells and guild chat will not be looked upon favorably.

-All gold donations are gladly accepted to the "Coll's a complete cheap-ass Foundation." And, are tax deductable!

-No items are to be sold to guildmates with exception of extremely high value items. And even then, should be offered at a substantial discount to guildmates. Remember, you're not here to be my cashcow (except for aforementioned "donations!" Smile) and vice-versa.

-Pants are, of course, optional except on Pantless Wednesdays. Pantless Wednesdays are a guild holiday in honor of the Pantless Wonder himself, Locksley, or ...dotvexed as he is known now. Smile
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Guild members expectations
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