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 Nexus FAQs

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PostSubject: Nexus FAQs   Sun Aug 17, 2008 2:38 pm

Are you going to be Order or Destruction?
We are rolling our main guild to be Order. However, there are several of us who like to explore our darker depths, and once we get going well, we plan to have an alt guild available on another server for our Destructive tendancies. Smile

What server are you on?
We are on a Core server, Sylvania

Are you a casual or hard-core guild?
Well, now, that's a difficult question to answer! Because everyone defines "casual" and "hard-core" in their own way, we can't really pindown what either would mean to you. So I'll do my best to describe our goals, and you can decide from there!
We plan to stay relatively small (50 or so individual members). Many of us have been in medium to large guilds. Large guilds tend to lose all but the star players in the mix, and medium has good points, but at this time we want to stay what we consider small. As such, we don't plan to be "the BEST" on the server, or have ideas of "COMPLETELY DOMINATING XXXXXXXX SERVER AND OUR ENEMIES!" We want to have fun. We all agree it's more fun when you're on the winning side. So we plan to win. LOL We are all MMO vets, and understand how classes work, and work together. We definitely know the importance of teamwork, low drama and research. But too many of us have faced spousal aggro to let a game take over our lives as has previously happened. So while we plan to give 100% while we're playing, no one expects you to miss out on the premiere of a good movie for "RvR night." And while our guild leader has been known to afk for..."special wifey time" he will no longer do this himself. "Special time," either your's or his must include at least 1 hour of cuddle time following! This means, LOG THE HELL OFF THE GAME! LOL

In what time-zone will you be playing?
While I tend to schedule things in EST because that's where I live, we are a somewhat late evening/night guild. Primetime hours are 8pm-12am nightly.

Do you use vent or teamspeak?
We currently have use of a vent server. Much thanks to the lovely Kaibhan and wonderful Klio.

Do you have a good sense of humor?

Boxers or briefs?
Depends...how much has my wife had to drink? If the answer is >3 beers...NOTHING! WOOT!

Do you have any requirements outside of the game?
Yes, all female members must use a mic on vent. If your husband/boyfriend/significant other refuses to give up said mic, we will /gkick him for you. Wink Also, all female members must post in the "Real life picture thread" that will inevitably be started. please wear at least a string bikini...this isn't a pornsite! GEEZ!

9/29 Edit: Updating info
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Nexus FAQs
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