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Registration date : 2008-09-20

PostSubject: application   Sat Sep 20, 2008 12:17 pm

Class:shadow warrior


Real life Birthdate (Age limit? Hmmm, maybe you just have to figure out how old!):13

Previous Guild(s) and reason(s) for leaving?

Please list and detail previous MMO experience.i played css fiesta wow aoc eq2 im lvl 70 in wow and been playing for 3 years eq2 and aoc i kinda quit there on the spot cause i did not like it

How did you hear about Nexus of War?
If recruited, by whom?i heard about now just from seeing people around and they told me it was a great guild so im applying

Why do you want to be a part of NoW?i want to be part of now because of progressing and teamwork threw pvp/pve and ill always have a group when i need help hop on vent talk to people get to know new people

What interests you most about the game?The pvp baby

Was George Lucas higher than a kite when he created Jar-Jar Binks as a character? Defend your answer!idk lol!

And finally, what makes you stand out from other candidates to make us want to go, "Oh! I like him/her let's accept their app" I will help out the guild the most that i can i get lots of playing time like bout 5-16 hrs a day depend if i have skool or not i will give my best to my guild and also i love having a fun time.
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